The Katy

The Katy is box is filled with products for a breastfeeding mum. An insulated tumbler to keep mum hydrated, washable breast pads, lactation bar, nipple balm, mother’s milk tea, fennel & fenugreek lactation crackers, peppermint chocolate and a swaddle which can be doubled as a nursing scarf. 

This box contains:

  • 1 x Premium Bamboo Swaddle (Raph & Remy)
  • 1 x Insulated Tumbler for Mama
  • 1 x Set of Washable Breast Pads (Lovemere)*
  • 1 x Nipple Balm (Gaia)
  • 1 x Fennel & Fenugreek Lactation Crackers (Franjos Kitchen)
  • 1 x Mother’s Milk Tea (Traditional Medicinals) 
  • 1 x Lactation Bar (Munchkin Milkmakers)**
  • 1 x Peppermint Chocolate Bar (Vivani)
  • 1 x Standard Rectangle Keepsake Box (Arlou & Rose)

* Design will be selected depending on availability and what looks good in the box.

** This item has been discontinued and will be replaced with Lactation Bar (Nutrizoe).

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