About Us

Arlou & Rose is a gift box business based in Singapore that provides boxed gifts specially curated for new mums, mum-to-be’s and babies. Whether you want a box to pamper mum, comfort her post-delivery, aid with breastfeeding, a baby shower present or to welcome her new baby, we have just the box for you. 


To pamper her friends and celebrate their baby news, Rose wanted to send wonderful gifts….only she struggled to find anything that truly captured the moment. Most gift boxes are full of baby gifts, not something special for mothers, and certainly not something they can use right away. What are they going to do with baby shampoo in their second trimester!?

Arlou & Rose gift boxes are themed to focus on the different stages of motherhood. Whether she is in her second trimester or just given birth, we have the perfect box for her.

As a mother of two, Rose knows what being a busy mum is really about. She designed her company with her two daughters in mind, Arlou being a name combined from her beautiful Aria and Louisa. Arlou & Rose allow you to easily pamper mums-to-be's and new mums with boxes of love. They’ve created beautiful gift packs fit for a queen, and will be a welcome reward for any expecting parent. After all, your friend deserves the best!


There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.

- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Our Mission

Made with absolute quality and crafted style, our unique pregnancy and baby gift boxes allow people to treat expecting mums with gifts they need, presented in high quality so they feel on top of the world. 

Pregnancy, postpartum recovery and nursing can be both wonderful and challenging. Arlou & Rose gift boxes aim to pamper mums and give them the support and luxury they need. After all, mothers do all the heavy lifting. 

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