Unique baby shower gift ideas

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You can spend forever in a baby store trying to find the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower. The options and styles are just about endless, and you might not be familiar with which brands are proven quality, so how do you choose?

You want the right gift for Mum and Baby that shows you love and support her as well as shows off your excitement about her having a baby. This is why it’s really important to look for gifts that are pampering, fun and unique.

We’ve compiled a list of unique baby shower gift ideas to help you think outside the box and find her the one gift no one else thought of so you can enjoy the shopping experience of buying baby shower gifts in Singapore.

Do baby shower gifts have to be for the baby?

One thing that you can count on at a baby shower is oodles of baby gifts and baby clothes, after all, they are completely adorable. While it’s wonderful to celebrate Baby, the little bundle is not quite here yet.

The tradition of a baby shower is really to spend time with the mother and share her excitement (and probably give out some advice). That’s why we think it’s a great idea to keep mum in mind with gifts for her, as well as for Baby. 

A good balance of gifts for mums and pubs will be appreciated

How can I help relax and soothe a new mum?

Every pregnancy and every baby is different, but there are some sure-fire gifts you can give that expecting mothers will find soothing, refreshing or rewarding.

Belly creams and oils are a great way for mum to sit down, relax, and connect to her growing bump. It will also help soothe stretch marks after birth as well. Other great unique baby shower gift ideas for soothing mums are:

  • Calming Oils
  • Shower Steamers
  • Heat Packs
  • Silky Eye Mask
  • High-quality organic chocolate

What kind of baby shower gifts are long-lasting?

Onesies are adorable but you do need to remember that Baby will outgrow them fast. If you are looking for something parents can treasure, here are some baby shower gift ideas that can last a lifetime:

  • Baby journals to mark baby’s special moments
  • Milestone cards to give parents exciting and creative ideas for photos that will be shared and treasured forever

What are the most useful baby shower gifts?

For a gift that will absolutely be appreciated and used you can’t go past a high-quality swaddle. Light and easy to pack with you, swaddles can be so helpful for so many baby-related tasks and spills! 

As well as a beautiful colour and soft texture, look for durable material (like bamboo). Other useful baby shower gift ideas are:

  • Soft, bright toys that are small enough for babies to grab and hold themselves (with time) and big enough not to be swallowed.
  • Baby brushes and combs
  • Baby toothpaste

What kind of baby shower gift is exciting?

There is nothing more exciting or adorable to give as a baby shower gift than baby clothes. Perhaps it’s picturing those tiny arms and legs and little person soon to be bundled inside. No matter what makes baby clothes so gushy, you can’t go wrong with high-quality onesies for getting oohs and ahhs. 

New babies have very delicate skin so avoid anything decorative, like frills and sequins (which can also be a choking hazard) and go for high quality, natural fabric that is durable and simple designs (it will still get oohs and ahhs, I promise).

Baby sized shoes are doubly cute but not as practicable as clothes. They look amazing in gift boxes and even cuter on baby-sized feet, however, they can get lost or babies can just refuse to wear them. 

That’s ok though, they will look so adorable on a shelf in Baby’s room or in a keepsake box, so definitely still a winner, especially if they are high-quality brands like mini-Converse!

What do new mums need?

Even though Baby hasn’t arrived yet, baby showers are close enough to the birth date to be able to gift mums-to-be with items they’ll need after delivery.

Right now a heat bag will do wonders to soothe aches and pains, and you can buy super velvety material for that extra touch comfort too.  Other helpful items for expecting mums are:

  • Perineal cool packs for after birth
  • Breast pads to stop breast milk from leaking onto clothes
  • Herbal teas, especially ones that help with breastfeeding
  • Nipple creams
  • Lactation boosting foods
  • Travel mugs for hot drinks on the go, or even around the house as they are safer than open cups for spills and are cool to touch on the outside, to help protect exploring little fingers. They also serve as a reminder for a breastfeeding mum to stay hydrated!
Bright baby shoes look amazing on a shelf or in a keepsake box

What do new babies need?

We’ve already mentioned swaddles. Bub needs a swaddle in the first months to bundle them in tight for sound soothing sleep so these are going to be a great gift. The other really great item when it comes to baby shower gift ideas for bub is baby teethers. 

This is one item you can splash out on because high quality counts in certain areas, like well-tested mouthing toys. In a few months, mums will appreciate having these soothers handy when those troublesome teeth come through. 

Quality teethers are pricey but worth it and luckily they come in a huge range of styles and colourful shapes, meaning you can pick something unique for Mum and Baby.

How do I make my baby shower gift unique?

If you know a child’s name ahead of time you can include their name on items with beautiful embroidery, but in many cases, parents are hush-hush about baby details, maybe even the gender is secret. 

While it can feel harder to buy things that aren’t pink or blue, you can personalise your gifts by choosing colours that you think Mum will like best. If you are buying a ready-made gift box you should still be able to select the colours you want for cloth items like swaddles and onesies, so be sure to look into that as part of the service.

What baby shower gift can I buy for older siblings?

It can be so easy to overlook children already in the family, but it’s their new arrival too and they deserve to be part of the celebration. The items you choose for older siblings will need to be age-appropriate but go for bonding items that mum and child can use together, it’s a great way for them to bond over baby with:

  • Bath bombs
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Play Mats

What are the best baby shower gifts?

Celebrate the pending arrival of a beautiful newborn with baby shower gift boxes. This is a great way to have a bit of everything and know the products you are buying are of the highest quality. 

You still get to have fun choosing from our range of beautiful hampers and you are sure to find the perfect fit for pampering the expectant mother you know and celebrating her pregnancy.

Most of all, have fun. You want to enjoy giving the gift as much as she enjoys receiving it. The best gifts are given with absolute love and joy, so ditch the stress and know that anything you have fun selecting will bring her great joy.