Heat Pillows


One popular product you will find in our boxes is a heat pillow. Heat pillows are great for everyone, not just for mums. When you have a cramp anywhere in your body applying heat always helps soothe a cramp. Some heat pillows can also be cooled in the refrigerator and be used as a cool pack. Cool relief is good for reducing bruising and swelling.

The heat pillows found in our boxes are from Tonic Australia. The pillows are handfilled with Barley and Lavender. It provides a soothing remedy for body aches and pains or to reduce stress and tension. Lavender also helps improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote calm and wellness.

Pregnancy comes with lots of aches and pains which often don’t go away until baby arrives. She can also continue to use it after baby is born. The heat and cool options can also assist in relieving breastfeeding issues like engorgement. This is why heat pillows make a perfect gift for mums and why we put them in our gift boxes.

With all the benefits a heat pillow brings, everyone could do with one!

Bring warmth and love to someone this week.



Heat Pillows