Gifts for a newborn baby in Singapore


It’s such a relief and a joy when a baby arrives in the world safe and well, plus so much excitement with baby gender and names announced and first-time pics of mum and bub together. 

There are so many gifts you can buy for a newborn baby in Singapore, and if you are not a parent or used to kids yourself, knowing what to buy that will be helpful and loved can be a little overwhelming. Rest assured there are some foolproof purchases you can make to say congratulations and welcome to mum and bub.

When it comes to great gifts for newborns there are a few boxes you’ll want to tick:

  • Useful
  • Unique
  • High quality
  • Well presented

The last thing you want is to buy a gift that has already been given to mum 20 times this pregnancy, unless it comes with useful items she’ll be craving more of. 

You also want something she will find useful. It will remind her just how much you care every time she reaches for it, and lastly, your gift needs to be high quality with great presentation. 

In fact, for our gift boxes, we think that presentation is one thing that will really wow mum, so much so that we use the highest-quality boxes for a smooth, solid feel and a box she can reuse for keepsakes or baby items for years and years to come.

As well as covering these essentials you can also think of ways you can take your gifts for newborn baby one step further by: 

  • Personalising your gift
  • Making it fun
  • Going for luxury items

Here are some great gifts for new baby that tick all the boxes:

Useful gifts

When it comes to gifts for new baby, Mums can never have too many swaddles, having one (or two) on hand is also a great idea when out and about as they can be used as blankets to lay baby down on, burping cloths, a sunshade over prams and they make amazing nursing covers as they are light and breathable for bub underneath. 

The main role of the swaddle in the first months of life is to provide a safe and secure cocoon for the baby when sleeping. It’s a soothing technique that has been proven to get them settled and help them sleep well. Look for soft and sustainable materials that are durable, like bamboo as it will be washed frequently.

Milestone cards 

Parents will be wanting to take photos galore and beautiful milestone cards make taking photos and sharing them that much more adorable. Milestone cards are thoughtful gifts for newborn baby as they let parents get creative about their photos.

Thinking ahead for mother’s needs

Arlou & Rose feel that new mums need gifts too, after all, she did all the work and deserves your support and congratulations. To help make the transition to motherhood easier, look for items that are going to help her out, like breastfeeding-friendly coffee, healthy foods that naturally boost lactation (Lacto bites and Boob Biscuits). Breastfeeding mums will also appreciate quality nipple creams or handy items like reusable breast pads.

Super cute baby wear

If you are looking for a broody gift, it’s got to be a sweet little onesie. Baby’s skin is so delicate, especially newborns, so be sure to get natural fibres, like bamboo, and the highest quality as they will be designed with soft seams and easy fit.

Other items that will be sure to have a new mum gushing with baby joy are:

  • Tiny and adorable shoes
  • Wooden brush and comb set
  • Baby diary to write down all those adorable moments

Calming, relaxing and pampering mother’s gifts

Mums can find it hard to relax, they are so busy caring for their little one, they forget to look after themselves so it’s worthwhile buying gifts for her that allow her to pamper herself and get her rest.

  • Soothing herbal tea blends
  • A travel mug so she can take her hot drink anywhere, and also make it safer at home by keeping that dangerous hot liquid sealed in.
  • Bath salts
  • Heat pillows
  • Eye masks

Bright and soft toys

Bright and soft toys for babies are a treat for mum as well. They are a double gift for a newborn baby because the little one might love to handle, mouth and reach for them, or they can be a decorative shelf item that sets off a bright and fun mood in the babies room. 

Look for toys that babies can grip easily and will be fun and friendly for them. A good tip for newborns is to avoid large toys as they won’t be easy for Baby to pick up and play with until they are much older. 

Do check toys carefully to see that there are no buttons or raised eyes that might come off in their mouth and no ribbons or strings. Stitched on decorations are best.

Luxury new baby gift boxes

Arlou & Rose New Mum and Baby gift boxes have items that are from the best brands and are of the highest quality. You can personalise your box by choosing from a gorgeous range of colours for your onesies and swaddles. There’s also loads of fun with boob biscuits, super cute plush toys and organic chocolate and bars, just what every mum needs to get through a day.

Explore our range of gifts for newborn babies today.