Reusable Breast Pads


Reusable Breast Pads are breast pads that can be used, washed and reused. Breast pads  are absorbent, removable liners worn between a women's nipples and her bra. Breastfeeding mothers sometimes leak milk and a breast pad serves to absorb the leaked milk.

Our choice of reusable breast pads are from Lovemere who make the most adorable reusable breatpads.

How to wear?: Wear the cream colour side made of soft bamboo fabric onto your skin. Adjust the position of the pad that works best for you. Change pads frequently.

Easy Care: Wash before first use. Can be hand or machine washed. Air dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Wash daily. Soak in water and squeeze the breast milk that have been absorbed into the layers by using your palm. You can put into the washing machine with your baby clothing or put into a small mesh laundry bag.