Best Customised Gift Box in Singapore


A pregnancy announcement or new arrival is something to be cherished and celebrated, but all too often mum’s are sent gifts for the baby – sweet little clothes and baby rattles which are oh, so nice, but all alike, and what about her? We think she deserves something extra special too, after all, she’s the one bringing a new life into the world.

But finding gifts, especially gift boxes in Singapore, designed with mum in mind is really quite hard. Gift boxes, even ones for babies, tend to miss the heart of what having a baby is all about and that luxurious feel you want from a gift.

That’s why I designed my shop and created high-quality gift boxes in Singapore, so expecting mums and new mums can get a customized gift box delivered to their door. I’m a mum of two, so I know firsthand what mum’s really need for a pick me up or just a feel-good lift. 

When a close friend announced her pregnancy, I was so excited for her and wanted to buy something really beautiful and special, just like she is. I searched and searched but nothing was the quality I wanted and nothing was unique. 

The other thing I noticed as I hunted Singapore high and low, was that usefulness really wasn’t something other gift box businesses were focused on. Pink for girls and blue for boys was really the limit of the contents and most of it had limited use, i.e only usable after the baby was born, or would just be a sweet trinket to throw away. That’s not what gifts are supposed to be at all. 

At Arlou & Rose, we believe mum also deserves a little pampering and celebration

So, as soon as possible I created a gift service for mums and bubs with mum’s need as the number one focus as well as quality products and practicality…

Best Customized Gift Boxes In Singapore

Select from our beautiful range of quality gift boxes in Singapore:

Pregnancy Gift Boxes

Because every stage of pregnancy is different, we’ve created three very different hampers to look after and support expecting mums during pregnancy.

1st Trimester

This is the most challenging time for morning sickness, although pregnant ladies will quickly find that nausea lasts all day. We look after her with nausea relieving oils and bands for natural and instant relief. There’s also a beautiful eye mask and soft heat pillow to ease cramps and tired muscles, great for using through the entire pregnancy. 

Our top pick is The Rose from the first-trimester range.

2nd Trimester

For the second trimester, we have soft and huggable heat pillows and silky eye masks as well as soothing prenatal teas and pregnancy biscuits, for a nourishing and healthy snack. Expecting mums will love soaking in the bath with quality bath salts, or connecting to her new bump with belly balms.

Our top pick is The Marie from the second-trimester range.

3rd Trimester

Mum’s will appreciate the baby journal for taking down notes and finalising to-do lists as well as gifts to soothe, nourish and boost energy will also help mum early on, and let’s not forget the essentials, high-quality organic chocolate!

Our top pick is The Carla from the third-trimester range.

New Mum & Baby Gift Boxes

Our new mum and baby gift boxes feature washable breast pads, an essential for new mums that can be tricky to locate. Milk boosting foods and soothing teas, as well as nipple creams, are high in demand after birth. We also have wonderful gifts included for bub, including high quality and gorgeous onesies, wooden milestone cards for those adorable photos and bright, plush toys that are easy to grab and safe to play with.

Our top pick is The Ashley

Baby Shower Gift Boxes

Our baby shower gift boxes are a little more 50-50 for mums and bubs with soothing and relaxing gifts for her, and toys, combs, onesies and soft bamboo swaddles for bub. The swaddles and onesies come in a wonderful range of colours to choose from to help personalise your baby shower gift box.

Our top pick is The Niki

Labor & Post Partem Gift Boxes

To help provide a calm and soothing atmosphere during birth or directly after, we’ve collated beautiful scents and calming herbal infusions, along with sweet baby gifts to remind her what all that hard work is for; holding that beautiful baby.

Our top pick is The George

Double-decker Gift Boxes

What if you want to share the love even further? For mums who are expecting their second child (or even 3rd or 4th), this is the gift box for her. We have doubled down on the gifts so that mum gets all that soothing love and pampering but so does baby…along with older siblings. We know that it’s tough on siblings, seeing the baby get so many gifts, so here’s something for mum and child to share and bond over and enjoy with the bump together.

Our top pick is Kelly & Kids

Gift Boxes For Twins

For mums expecting twins, our twin gift box provides all the support mum needs for soothing calm, plus double the swaddles and onesies.

Our top pick is The Cherry Twins

As a new mum, she’s just not going to know what to buy or have time to find the self-love items she needs. When she has these essentials delivered right to her door she’ll be sure to use and appreciate them. So get them to her and share the love through Arlou & Rose customized gift boxes in Singapore.